Jemlit mystery boxes have become extremely popular this year; many people have enjoyed each mystery box’s items. 

There has been a considerable reaction to the variety of boxes on offer. However, a few of those boxes have shattered the ceiling this year and will be very much on the high come 2023.

Look at the three boxes that will likely be the hottest next year, along with this year’s statistics.

2022 Mystery Box Statistics

Certain mystery boxes this year made a list of the most opened boxes in 2022. Not only were they unlocked, but the items in them were also mailed to their respective recipients. 

These boxes were sought after by Jemlit’s users and have often been unlocked more than any other boxes.


This mystery box is undoubtedly one of the most opened this year. Opened by 13,164 people so far, this box has a variety of items. 

In this box, you’ll get almost everything and anything that has to do with your day-to-day living. There are home appliances, clothing, and many other casual items.


This mystery box is among the most opened boxes in our mystery box in 2022. One of the reasons for this is that this box focuses on Apple products. Though you might get other products, however, the chances are one out of twenty. 

The box consists mainly of Apple items. From Apple Watches, Iphones and other accessories, the Apple box has it all.

Opened by 12,169 in 2022, our users unlocked this mystery box massively. Who doesn’t want Apple? The sophisticated look, touch, and experience are why so many Gen Z’s are drawn to it, which is why this box is highly sorted after.


This box is one of the most opened boxes in our mystery box this year. With discount summer sales, this mystery box offers discounted items in the summer. 

During the summer, you need things that will help you enjoy the season, hence the need for this mystery box. 

The box offers you summer items at a lower price, which is why 1,132 people opened it alone during the summer.


The game section of our mystery box also ranks among one of the most opened boxes this year. Over a thousand users have unlocked this box, and parents are also gifting it to their children. 

This mystery box has everything from arcades to adventure and action games.


This box is exciting. Attractive in the sense that it has a lot of low-budget items. Unsurprisingly, it’s one of the most opened boxes this year. 

The little things you need in the house and things you need for a living are contained in this mystery box.

This box was opened by 10,790 users this year, and how it is being searched can go far beyond these numbers. The box offers you almost every grocery and item you might need.

Potential Heights in 2023

In 2023, certain mystery boxes will get even more popular as they come. Let’s take a look at them.


You must have guessed this. Yes, you are right. With almost one thousand openings this year, this mystery box will likely go higher come 2023 because Jemlit’s users are in the age range of 18 to 35 and are game lovers. 

Not only this range, though, but there are also other age ranges. But the majority of Jemlit’s users fall within this age group.


This box was one of the highest opened boxes this year and will remain at this height come 2023. The prices of goods have risen, and who wouldn’t like a slash? That’s what random-ebox offers you.


Another box that will hit the ground running in 2023 is this mystery box. Gen Zs’ are lovers of Apple, making up over 80%t of Jemlit’s users, therefore tipping this box to be the highest-opened box come 2023.

Take Home

Jemlit has many mystery boxes that were opened this year, and others are also poised to be on the high come 2023. In this article, we only looked at three out of so many boxes that will be among the most opened boxes in 2023.