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We utilize Jems, our own currency, on Jemlit. After registering on our website, you can top up your Jems account with a credit or debit card and start opening any mystery box you like right away.

You can choose to have whatever comes out of the box mailed to your home address or to get your jems back and search for other boxes; you are not required to accept whatever is in the box. Opening a digital mystery box is preferable to a tangible one for this reason.

You can now view all the objects you can discover in each box as well as your chances of finding them because we want the game to be fair.

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Now, we find out what are the most popular items in the Apple mystery box.

Macbook Pro 14″

A nearly perfect mix of innovation and tradition that has resulted in a device that, in many ways, is unparalleled within the international notebook market. From the very first time you turn it on, you have the impression that you are dealing with a machine that can offer an all-around top-level user experience.

One of the best laptops available now for creative workers is the MacBook Pro 14 (2021). It has the greatest laptop display currently available, amazing performance, and a long battery life. It is a buy to make with your eyes closed if you need to do video editing, programming, music creation, professional photography, or something similar.

Additionally, ProMotion technology is available, with refresh rates that may be modified in accordance with the motion of the content on the screen and provide up to 120Hz. This not only makes for excellent movies, but it also improves website scrolling because it is now responsive and fluid.

For a mobile workstation of this level, the battery life has also been significantly increased and can now last up to 17 hours. Furthermore, unlike other laptops that throttle performance to extend battery life, the 14-inch MacBook Pro keeps working on complicated tasks even while running on battery power.

AirPods Pro 2

We all know their peculiar design, but we also know their high functionality.

The earpiece is attached to a “stick” that comes out of the ear, and although you might think otherwise, they are very stable once worn. The new case has a small LED in front, which lets you know how charged the AirPods are without having to take them out.

The case and its battery offer 20 hours of battery life, in addition to the five of the AirPods themselves. These are the same values as the original model. According to Apple, however, the second generation offers “3 hours of talk time on a single charge,” whereas with the original AirPods it was only two hours. An improvement made possible by Apple’s H1 chip, which is built into the AirPods.

iPhone 14 Plus

Yes, we’ve got the newest iPhone on the market!

It’s like an enhanced version of the iPhone 13 Pro, with great camera features, of them being the Photonic Engine.

This system works and improves the results of all the camera sensors, which in turn, however, have all been brought up to a higher level than last year. Basically, the two rear optics are those of the 13 Pros, while the True Depth front camera, in addition to being brighter, is now also equipped with autofocus (yes, strange but true, but selfie iPhones had fixed focus cameras).
For video, the new Action mode introduces ultra-stabilization, but just like Cinema mode (now available in 4K at 30 fps and 4K at 24 fps), it works only in good light.

How to open your Apple mystery box

Are you looking for a new iPhone? Or maybe a Macbook Pro to enhance your career? You can open an Apple mystery box on Jemlit after you register and top up.