Jemlit is a website that presents different categories of mystery boxes where you can unlock various items, however, we are going to focus on the Metaverse today. 

If you’re familiar with the Internet, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of virtual reality (VR). But have you ever thought about how this awesome technology could affect your life? 

It might sound like something out of science fiction. Still, we’re closer than ever to living in the Metaverse, which many call the future that awaits us after VR takes over the world and we live in three-dimensional avatars instead of our bodies. 

The Jemlit Metaverse Mystery Box is one of the best ways to unlock some of the coolest products in the Metaverse, and today we’re going to take you through some of the items you could unlock.

What is the Metaverse?

The word Metaverse is a portmanteau of metaphysics and the universe. The idea is that there are many universes, but they all exist within a single realm. 

This realm is called the Metaverse. Avatars or humanoid shapes represent most people in this virtual reality world. 

Unlike traditional online role-playing games, which typically restrict players to predefined roles such as wizards or warriors, players in the Metaverse can take on any role they want to play with few restrictions. 

For example, in one game, an avatar might be a warrior fighting monsters; at another time, it might be a sorceress casting spells. 

Players who enter these virtual worlds can create objects and other content, such as clothing and buildings. This created content is known as sims (short for simulations).

Metaverse mystery box

The Jemlit metaverse mystery box provides you with opportunities to unlock some awesome products you can use in the Metaverse. 

Here, you can find different digital goods inside and redeem them on our website as you stand a chance to unlock several amazing items. 

The only thing is that you’ll have to spend gems to open one. Each box costs different gems, but you can unlock something worth more when you open it. 

Some of the items you can unlock in the metaverse mystery box include 

VR Headsets

Virtual reality (VR) is a fun and exciting new way to experience things. It’s also a great way to feel like you’re somewhere else or to meet people on the other side. 

The first step in getting started with VR is purchasing a compatible headset. 

However, you might not need to purchase one as you stand a chance of unlocking the HTC VIVE PRO Premium VR Headset that has a built-in eye freakery or one that comes with Stream VR Tracking.  

VR Glasses 

A VR glass is a device that turns any computer into an immersive virtual reality experience. This means people can use their computers to explore fantasy worlds and do anything they want, from swimming with whales to flying through space. 

You can unlock the HP Reverb G2 +2 Controllers – Virtual Reality Steam VR Glasses with drivers. There are also VR glasses for phones that can be unlocked from the Metaverse mystery box

AR Glasses

With AR gaining momentum every day as more people adopt virtual and mixed reality, now is the time to get your AR Glasses. 

The beautiful thing here is that you can unluck Epson Moverio BT_300 AR Glasses from the metaverse mystery box

Jemlit Credit

Jemlit credits are also available to be redeemed when you purchase a metaverse mystery box, and you stand a good chance to unlock one. 

Other products you can unlock in the metaverse mystery box include the Meta Quest 2 – Convenience Bundle and Nexigo Charging Duck with led light for Oculus Quest 2. 

Ebson Controller Holder, Hard Eva Travel Case for HTC Vive, and other great products can also be unlocked and redeemed.

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The Metaverse is coming, and Jemlit provides you with a special mystery box called metaverse mystery box, where you can unlock several related products that will guarantee your entertainment in the Metaverse.