You might have heard of the experience mystery box and wonder what it’s all about. Or you might be afraid of exploring this mystery box, thinking, how can this be true? Your dilemma ends here today.

We’ll look at this mystery box offered by Jemlit and what you can find in the box.

Experience Mystery Box

The experience mystery box, offered by Jemlit, is one of the world’s leading online mystery box platforms. 

Just sign up to Jemlit, fund your account, look for the experience mystery box category, and start unlocking unique experiences for you and your family.

This box, as the name implies, is a box that contains fantastic experiences for all Jemlit’s users. 

One of the good things about this box is that everyone qualifies for it as long as you fund your account with the required amount.

The experience mystery box offers you mainly adventure gifts. There are no clothes, shoes, or whatever, only experience.

What Can You Find In This Box?

Now that you know what this box is, it’s time to know what you can find in the box. 

We have established that this box contains different experiences, and below are those experiences. 

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Hotel Tickets

One of the experiences you get from this box is a hotel ticket. You get to enjoy tickets of different hotel sizes and quality. 

These hotel tickets are subject to time. The tickets come with a particular period to stay and enjoy.

You can unlock a box with a three-day stay in any hotel or a one-week stay. 

Note that this ticket only covers your stay in the hotel and not any other experience.


Who says the experience mystery box isn’t fun? If you’re into skydiving, then you only need one unlock away. 

When you unlock this box, you’ll get the best skydiving experience you can ever get. 

This experience isn’t virtual but real. You’ll go to the clouds, hop out from the chopper, and start floating in the air. 

Where else can you get such an offer?


That smooth feeling of a soft, gentle hand running through your body. 

Let the experience mystery box give you such a feeling—one of the best feelings everyone desires to have.

In this box, you book a time with a masseuse, and your body will tell you the rest of the story. 

Sign up, fund your account, and start unlocking this mystery box.

Dinner For Two

When you mention dinner for two, this special someone comes to your mind. This box will offer you the chance for such an experience. 

In this box, you get a two-date date, with dinner to sum it all up.

Imagine sending this gift to your spouse, and it sure would blow off their minds. 

Good food is enjoyed most when eaten alongside someone you love, and Jemlit has created such an experience for you in this box.

Boat Trip For Two

A sailing trip for two is another experience you can get from the experience mystery box. This box gives you this type of experience. 

If you unlock this mystery box, you sail on a river you love with a special person. 

Fund your account, go to the experience category, and unlock this mystery box.

Online Classes

You can unlock some online classes made especially for you in this box. Some classes you can open from the experience mystery box include photography, pizza, and cuisine. 

You can pick one of these classes when you unlock any box in this category.

Jemlit also offers you a learning experience in this mystery box. So, you can get any experience from this box, as it is not just limited to particular experiences but different varieties.

Take Away

The experience mystery box is a fantastic box to unlock in Jemlit’s list of mystery boxes. As the name goes, you will get different varieties of experiences to choose from and not only witness them, but you get to participate in them.

What are you waiting for? Register on Jemlit and open your first box to enjoy these experiences.