We’re not going to run a straight comparison Intel Core i9 12900KF vs 12900K, instead, we’re trying to understand which one of them is better for gaming experience.

Reading this article, some people may object that it’s just an F. When it comes to gaming, the choice of CPU is critical and really makes a difference, so even a letter in the name must be examined in detail.

Intel Core i9 12900KF vs 12900K: basic features

Both of them are based on the Alder Lake S architecture, therefore, they’re very similar.

The chip consists of sixteen cores, eight of which feature the hyper-threading technology to offer enhanced performances, while the other eight aren’t provided with any particular feature. That makes the i9 12900K/KF a CPU with a total of 24 threads.

The clock of both models is 3.2 GHz, but you can unleash their turbo boost and get a clock of 5.2 GHz thanks to the 32x multiplier (yes, the multiplier is unlocked in both models).

About the RAM, both of the models support DDR5-4800 and DDR4-3200.

Both the i9 12900KF and the 12900K have great features and are good for gaming, so what’s really making the difference, here?

Let’s find out next.

What the 12900K has that the 12900KF doesn’t

You may have noticed that the 12900K is a bit more expensive than the 12900KF, and you might wonder why. They’re very similar, after all.

Similar, however, doesn’t mean equal. On top of the aforementioned specifics, the 12900K also comes with an integrated GPU.

Having an integrated GPU can give you a few benefits, but you have to decide whether they’re worth it or not.

First of all, if you’re a gamer you already know that the video card is one of the most stressed components in a PC and although you’re super careful about it, it could still break suddenly for a number of reasons.

With an iGPU you have at least a backup plan. Of course, performances will drastically change, but it’s still better than nothing, isn’t it?

Furthermore, an integrated GPU can be particularly useful when you only have one video card, but you need an extra screen. Obviously, keep in mind that while this is a valid solution for a PC built for work (if you don’t work on anything that could potentially put an extra burden on your video components), it could be a little tricky in a gaming configuration, so you might still prefer to work on a video card.

Which one is the best for gaming?

In terms of gaming suitability, nothing really changes between the two. If you want to feel extra safe about your machine, an iGPU could give you that layer of safety you’re looking for, but the 12900KF is cheaper and still a good CPU for gaming.

In the end, it all comes to whether you want to spend a few extra bucks for an integrated GPU or not, but in our opinion, you can do just fine without it.

Still can’t decide?

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