Do you know what happens when a huge classic meets a revolutionary luxury streetwear brand? Nike Air More Uptempo Supreme happens.

It was 1996 when Nike Air More Uptempo hit the market for the first time with their innovative design that made them legendary.

Then, in 2017 Supreme went beyond the legendary and became iconic in three different colors: red, black and gold.

The revival of this model kept the original, unmistakable design, but the fresh touch by Supreme enhanced it even more.


The most visible change can be seen on the sides of the shoes, with the Air logo that became a Sup. Actually, now the Supreme word revolves all around the shoe.

Let’s take the red and white variation as an example to explore the features of these shoes.

The model has the upper made of nubuck in red, the letters on the side that spell SUPREME are made of leather in white and have their outline made of reflective material, also the swoosh on the toebox and the midsole details come in white.

Two laces are included, the red one in the tennis shoe’s own color and an extra white lace, both laces have the writing World and Famous on the tips, a very nice detail that gives the final highlight to the tennis shoe.

In the insole, as usual, the logo of both brands are stamped, as if the two brands needed to confirm the collaboration. 😂

About the shape of the sneaker, it is a little large, so if you buy a half size down you should have no problem wearing it comfortably.


Some people complain that they’re too heavy and too big, and they don’t feel comfortable at all.

We’re not saying it’s not true, but we should still consider that sneakers in the 90s were generally big and thick, and while we were used to them back then, it might no longer be the case.

However, this doesn’t mean they not good shoes. Obviously, we wouldn’t recommend to use them for sports activities, such as running, and maybe not even for long walks.

We find them the perfect pair of shoes for social activities, short walks and special occasions.

Where to find the Nike Air More Uptempo Supreme?

This pair of shoes is mainly bought online, but can be ordered for collection in stores. Demand is quite high, so you may not be so lucky and find that they’re out of stock most of the time.

Prices for second hand pairs range from $700 to $1,500, but you can find new ones for up to $3,000. Collectors and traders are constantly on the lookout for them, which contributes to raising the prices on auction websites.

Good news is we have them in our Supreme Box and you can register and open it right now.

Nike Air More Uptempo Supreme is one of the most popular and iconic model of shoes. You can’t miss the chance to have them in your fashion collection.