If you think about it, a the large-scale trade in Supreme garments, is impossible, and yet it happens, because of the counterfeit fashion market. This means that it’s easier to find a counterfeit Supreme box logo hoodie rather than an original one.

That’s mainly because one of the peculiarities of the real Supreme is the limited production, of course, but that’s exactly the reason why the counterfeit Supreme market is thriving.

The main reason why counterfeit goods manufacturers are so interested in the Supreme brand is because there’s plenty of people who buy Supreme apparel just to resell it online at a huge price. You’re more likely to buy a Supreme item from a reseller, rather than directly from the stores.

Resellers, however, are statistically likely to sell fake clothes, so here’s a brief guide on how to distinguish an original Supreme box logo hoodie from a fake one.

Logo colors

The original features the logo in matte white, embroidered and centered to perfection, with a rich red around it. The letters of the inscription are equally spaced from each other. Conversely, a typical counterfeit replica varies in color, favoring light grey or bright white on the inside and lighter or darker red on the outside.

The letters are aligned differently, as they’re not well-centered. Also, the font tracking varies between each pair of letters.

Inside label

Let’s move on to the inner labels. For example, the one on the neck, in order to tell if it is the genuine one, should have the same colors as the sweatshirt logo, and the words “Supreme” and “Made in” should be parallel, so not touching or overlapping as in the fake.

One more detail to check is the rearside of the Made in Canada label: turn it around, and you’ll see the codes upside down if it’s original, but you’ll see them the same way as the other label if it’s counterfeit.

Another sign concerns the seams: the wash label should have, at the top, a single seam made of straight black stitches, but in the fake one you can clearly see that there is a thicker one. Also, it crumples the fabric of the label creating a slight curl.

The side tag

The Supreme box logo hoodie has a side tag, too. This is another element that unauthorized manufactures typically get wrong.

You just need to check the style of the logo: the tag is very small, so details aren’t so accurate when done with cheap equipment, and you might notice that while the original Supreme logo is in italic, on the fake items it’s regular and the letters are slightly more stretched.

Online communities

In some countries, where the original owner had not yet done so, the Supreme trademark has been registered. What does this mean? Supreme holders in countries such as Spain, Italy, and China are producing and marketing copies of the real thing but passing them off as originals.

The most famous case is the alleged partnership of OXN and Supreme (it was OXN that registered the Supreme trademark in China).

OXN organized a fashion show in China in which James Jebbia was supposed to take part, and garments born out of this partnership were supposed to be shown. Except it was all fiction! Supreme NY didn’t know it had partnerships with Chinese brands, and the founder had never been to that fashion show. In reality, OXN allegedly hired a Nigerian actor to play Jebbia and the garments featured in the fashion show were all counterfeits.

This movement contributed to the rise of a counter-counterfeit community formed by people who are passionate about the Supreme brand and easily recognize counterfeit garments.

So, if you have a doubt about your Supreme box logo hoodie or any other Supreme item, you can always find them with a quick research on Google and get in touch with them.

Where do I find originals?

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