It’s not just the game, it’s also with whom and where you play it. We can’t do much about your gaming comrades, but we can give you some advice about your gaming desk with LED lights.

We’ve all spent many nights trying to beat hundreds, if not thousands, of games, and let’s face it, we couldn’t have done it without the right environment setting. LED lights make a huge part of it, especially in the dark, but you have to be careful what lights you choose, because they can damage your eyes.

Besides, if you stream online, lights can be a branding factor and they can make your channel stand out and your live streams more enjoyable.

That being said, let’s find the ideal gaming desk with LED lights for you, divided in three main features: darkness, atmosphere and best for streaming.

Gaming desks with LED lights to maintain a dark environment

You may wish to maintain a dark environment for a number of reasons, e.g.: you don’t want to disturb people who live with you, you don’t want to stress your eyes, your focus improves.

The best way to keep it dark, but sufficiently bright to see what buttons you’re pressing is to opt for a desk that has a minimal light setting.

Thermaltake Level 20 Battlestation

Thermaltake Level 20 Battlestation

Large surface, a multicolor frame, essential, but that’s exactly what we’re looking for. It also has an electrical height adjustment function and the surface can be used as a mouse pad.

Size: 165cm x 75cm x 70-110cm

Price: $1,500.

Designa P2 Environmental Board

Designa P2 Environmental Board

Minimal lights on the sides, carbon fiber surface, waterproof, adjustable height, mouse pad included. This desk has it all and it comes at a definitely affordable price.

Size: 154cm x 60cm x 78cm.

Price: about $250 on Amazon.

Gaming desks with LED lights for the right atmosphere

Many people relieve stress by playing their favorite games. Gaming doesn’t always have to be a race with yourself, but it can also be a relaxing activity.

If that’s your case, you might prefer a smaller desk to maintain a minimal environment in your room, rather than a large surface. Besides, smaller desks help you keep the room tidy, as there isn’t much space to just place your stuff there and leave it for ages.

We’ve found the best combination of space and lights with these desks.

Ganfanren Douxlife Blade GD01

Ganfanren Douxlife Blade GD01

Carbon steel design, as simple as it looks, LED lights placed on the sides, R-shaped legs. A no-nonsense desk with all the slots and trays you need to create a comfortable gaming environment.

Size: 119cm x 64cm x 77cm

Price: $810 on Amazon.


Vanspace 47 inch desk

A 47” long desk, ideal for small spaces, with a compact and essential design. A good cable management system and a storage box complete the product. Also, it has a great quality/price ratio.

Size: 119cm x 64cm x 77cm.

Price: $320.

Gaming desks with LED lights for streamers

Streamers need large spaces. The desk of a streamer must have plenty of space and surfaces to place all the equipment, additional lights, and any object they want to show during their live streams. Corner desks are an option, but the RGB LED lights are a must.

Seven Warrior L-shaped 50.4”

Seven Warrior L-shaped 50.4”

Very large corner desk, with an extra surface for monitors. The desk is wide enough to accommodate up to four screens, it has a sturdy structure and a very convenient price. If you’re looking for something cheap to kickstart your streaming career, this is definitely an option you should consider.

Size: 128cm x 48cm x 75cm.

Price: $190.

It’s_Organized Large Standing Desk

It’s_Organized Large Standing Desk

63” wide, with RGB LED lights and a mouse-friendly surface. Streamers will have plenty of space to organize all their stuff, as well as lots of USB slots to charge their devices. Height can be adjusted electronically from 30” up to 48”.

Size: 160cm x 68cm x 76-123cm.

Price: $486 on Amazon.

What will you put on your next desk?

Now that you have chosen your gaming desk with lights, we’re very curious about what you’ll use it for and what game you’ll play first. We have a range of ideas in our PC gaming mystery box.