Are you ready to renew your wardrobe? Then, you may want to have a look at our designer mystery box range. From luxury to budget, there are enough boxes to match anyone’s style. But first, here’s a quick overview of how Jemlit works.

On Jemlit, we use Jems, our own cash. After subscribing on our website, you may simply start opening any mystery box you like by topping up your Jems account with a credit or debit card.

You are not forced to accept the contents of the box; instead, you can opt to have whatever comes out of the box shipped to your home address or to take your jems and search for other boxes. This is why it’s better to open a digital mystery box than a material one.

Since we want the game to be balanced, you can now view all the items you can find in each box as well as your odds of finding them.

And if you’re not interested in boxes, we also have an online store where you can spend your Jems, as well as clashes with other users.

Now, let’s see our fashion line, starting from our most popular designer mystery box.

Supreme mystery box

Supreme is a world famous fashion brand that periodically releases new collections, with the peculiarity that all items are only available in a limited number.

This solid marketing strategy allowed the brand to become one of the most appreciated luxury streetwear trademarks in the world, and an item is often resold for 4 or 5 times the original price.

Because they’re very rare, our Supreme mystery box might be your best chance to lay your hands on one of the legendary Supreme-branded clothes.

From the Nike More Uptempo Supreme shoes to the classic Supreme box logo hoodie, there’s a lot to find.

Supreme vs Superfake

The fact that Supreme is such a sought-after label, exposed the brand to a huge counterfeit market. In some cases, however, the fake Supreme clothes are totally legal (for now)!

This is due to the fact that the trademark Supreme isn’t registered globally, so in some countries like Italy, Spain and China, someone else took over the trademark rights and started a Supreme production themselves, sometimes even tricking other globally-recognized brands into a collaboration.

Apart from this, a lot of fashion brands take “free inspiration” from Supreme and explicitly (and sometimes parodically) imitate its logo and style, such as the brand Superfake.

Our Supreme vs Superfake mystery box is a collection of these items, and obviously, it’s cheaper than the Supreme box.

Sneakers Lovers

This is for people who love to have a different pair of shoes for any occasion, but also for collectors, and it’s a designer mystery box that anyone can afford.

The Sneakers Lovers mystery box includes some of the most sought-after shoe models by Air Jordan, Converse, LeBron and many others. Some of them were released for a very short time, so they’re not easy to find these days.

If you’re missing some of these beautiful fashion design creations in your collection, all you have to do is register, top up your account and open your first box.

Burberry budget

When you see the red and black checks on a light brown background, you know it’s a Burberry. This iconic fashion brand is famous for its luxury accessories, but there’s a whole lot to discover that comes at a cheaper price, but it’s still considered luxury.

That’s what the Burberry budget mystery box is all about: t-shirts, perfumes, bags, wallets, and dozens of accessories.

Find your jem

These was our designer mystery box range. Which one was your favorite? Let us know by opening it.